>Low Tide

>now I know it´s certain
I wrote your name in the sand
I didn´t write mine,
nor any other name
I neither wrote “metaphysic” nor “ontology”.
I just wrote those three letters
that the sea will hide as a secret

You can say “it was just a game”
and I could think “it doesn´t mean anything”

but your name was for a moment
written on the endless sand
and thousands of waves
won´t be able to change that
thousands of waves
won´t be able to erase
the unforgetable touch of your name
at the end
or the beginning
of that silver sea

nobody, not even I, could
find your name written on the sand
and hundreds of feet will
pass over the mystic point
We won´t hear your name
blowing on the sky
and nobody will say
“this is the place where he wrote it”
But this poetry will remind me
that if I wrote your name on the sand
It could be because I knew it,
maybe before now, that it was for certain.

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